Sunday, January 28, 2007

ebay finds, 1.28.07

we keen eyes spend a lot of time browsing ebay. we look at furniture, art, kitchenware, and a variety of other things. of course the pieces you find on ebay vary in quality and price, and it is sometimes hard to wade through the wordy descriptions (what does "mid-century, eames-era, knoll, vodder-esque mean, anyway"). but i am never at a loss to find things that catch my eye on the world's greatest internet auction.

as far as ebay goes these days, there are a few things i've become obsessed with: personal valets, benches for the entry, dansk kobenstyle enamelware, and magazine tables. here are a few featured on ebay. i must say, these are the cream of the crop.

this valet is the nicest one i've seen yet. its folding rope seat, walnut construction, and ingenious design features are really tops.

the rope seat conceals a tray where you might keep ties or tights; the hanger form is softly rounded so as not to crease your jackets or shirts; and, the tray at the top holds small items like cuff links or jewels. all in all, the attention to detail and design really make this the nicest valet i've seen. it sure would look gorgeous in my dressing room.

this magazine table may be more qualified for the kitsch klatsch category, but it is featured on ebay, so we'll blur the lines a bit. i love the combination of ashtray/receptacle, table top, and magazine/book support that this little gem offers. the table top is delightfully not perfectly circular and the height variation among the three elements is key to functionality. i hope you'd refrain from using the receptacle as an ashtray - maybe place a little potted succulent there, or use it to hold your loose change. either way, this would make a lovely little side table in your living room.

the expanding slat bench is fairly ubiquitous around ebay, but this one is a real treasure. when expanded from both sides, this bench stretches over eight feet. it's truly a wonder. this would look so amazing in someone's entry hall, as long as you're careful not to obscure it with your coats and bags!

this is also one of the few of this design that i've seen with a designer or manufacturer's name attached to it. the seller explains that this was produced by brown saltman in the 1950s. this keen eye isn't at all familiar with the name brown saltman, so maybe i need to do some research.

no matter the maker, this bench is a rare find!

lastly, the dansk kobenstyle enamelware. not so much furniture (well, not at all) but still a lovely feather in your nest. pieces like this vessel would look gorgeous on that teak sideboard in your dining room.

dansk seems to be the manufacturer of choice for those, like the keen eyes, who love the mid-century aesthetic. the kobenstyle enamelware, with its bright, pure colors and sleek, angular shapes is especially well-suited in a mid-century kitchen and dining room.

you can find a large variety of dansk enamelware pieces on ebay - from those meant for stovetop and oven to serving pieces such as this pitcher.

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