Monday, February 05, 2007

it's so cold outside.

seriously. it really is freezing. and my apartment, which must be going on 75 years old, has ancient, thick-with-paint, mind-of-their-own radiators. usually when i'm asleep and under a thousand covers, they come on full blast and then it tops out at about 90 degrees. but if i'm just hanging out on the couch, the temperature hovers around 50 and never budges. so, to warm my toes and ears, i fantasize about socks and hats, and especially thick warm blankets and pillows.

that's how i ended up over at hygge, drooling over eleanor pritchard's GORGEOUS woven wool blankets (and pillows).

these things are beautiful, not to mention made of the most wonderful dyed wool and handwoven in eleanor's studio in south london. they are honestly a bit out of my own personal price range, but if i had the resources, i wouldn't balk for a SECOND at the price, just for the chance to lay my mitts on one of these.eleanor graduated from chelsea college of art & design with first class honours in 2001 and has gone on to win various awards for her woven designs, including the ‘Lee 400’prize (Texprint), and the Crafts Council Business Development award.

here's a great interview with eleanor over at hidden art london.

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