Thursday, February 01, 2007

be brave

while flipping through the latest issue of readymade (which, coincidentally focuses on greening your nest, something we're quite keen on around these parts), i came across a fabulous end table crafted by the folks over at brave space design. sleek, smooth, and made of blonde and amber bamboo, it's modern without being untouchable or unfriendly.

i hopped over to their website and found a lot of other interesting things - most notably their homage to the designs of alexey pajitnov (the father of Tetris). the reversable and interchangable tetrad shelves make for a seemingly endless number of combinations, and i think no matter what your living space looks like, you could find a way to make them work. [as a side note, their website provides you with a handy printable pdf of all the different shapes so you can plan your shelves before you order!]

by way of background, brave space design is a group of three brooklyn-based designers, sam kragiel, nikki frazier, and jesse james arnold who all met while attending art school in gainesville, fl. their hands-on approach to the design and construction of each piece has led them towards the use of materials that are both durable and environmentally sustainable.

"The climate is right for designers and fabricators to produce their goods in ways that have a positive effect on our world."


brave space design
449 Troutman St
Studio 2A
Brooklyn NY 11237

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David said...

Do the tetris shelves bolt together in some way? It looks from the picture that they are relying on gravity, which is worrying. Also, the perspective in the pic is odd, but that's OK.