Wednesday, February 07, 2007


wow, the keen eyes have found an amazing source - if not for making proper purchases (which you certainly may), then definitely for browsing. showhome is a novel idea for a showroom/gallery - a real home, filled to the brim with classic midcentury designs, well-selected unmarked pieces, and contemporary designs.

the goal of showhome's proprietors is to mix "contemporary and mid-century the way you would in your own home." they've done an amazing job, for sure. it's just too bad that they're across the pond and out of visiting reach! but you can peruse their lovely, and well designed web shop here, and of course this keen eye must point out a few of their treasures too. this is just a sampling of their large selection of midcentury pieces.

this coat rack is the bee's knees. the nicest one i've ever seen. the chrome and wood combination is sublime.

this is one of showhome's many small accessory pieces. i love the detail around the opening.

these salt and pepper shakers are amazing. so statuesque and perfect to bring a bit of humor and elegance to your dinner table.

this keen eye is obsessed with planters like this one. it would look so perfect in my front room, below a sunny window. i have never seen one in oak, like this one, and think it looks marvelous.

the keen eyes saw bar stools just like these at baxter & liebchen. we'd never heard of erik buck, the designer, before. i must proclaim that we have a new love. these are stunning in form and function.the sewing table below is a common form in midcentury furnishings, and we keen eyes could cerainly put it to good use. this rosewood version is so refined in it's shape and sumptuous in its materials.
and finally, this amazing little treasure. it's a watering can (although can seems somewhat profane to use in describing this beauty.) wouldn't it just look perfect on that oak planter?


showhome, london

telephone 020 8761 3405


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