Monday, March 12, 2007

granny style

i love the idea of a granny square quilt - in the bedroom, on the couch, draped over a chair. it's cute, comfortable, a bit vintage-y, a touch cosy. but to be honest, my ocd-self just can't have the color and design chaos that is the traditional granny quilt. call me stuffy, call me neurotic, call me whatever, but as much as i love them, i'm just can't seem to ever make it work for me. that doesn't mean i don't like them, though, (my grandma, appropriately, was like a granny-square factory at times) and it doesn't mean that i don't ever get the urge to crank one out. i know, though, i'd never be able to put one together with just left-over yarn (like you're supposed to) because i'd obsess for hours over which yarns would look best together. so, i went wandering around flickr for some inspiration...and look what i found:

this quilt by bergensann is gorgeous - a strange combination of colors that i never would have thought to choose, but together, draped over that white couch, it's stunning. i love the saturation.

this quilt, made by the girls over at purlbee, is so amazing. the colors are a bit crazy for my tastes but i think it could work well in a bedroom. i love the slightly crazy, kind of split-personality aspect of it. well done.

these squares could be the start of something great...and they remind me of this house i saw last weekend.

of course the japanese make great granny squares.

this is one of my favorite variations on the traditional. love the intricate details, and that yellow! makes me ready for springtime.

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