Thursday, May 10, 2007

heath ceramics

just in time for the warm weather (what's up 80 degrees?): heath ceramic's summer 07 collection. they've got all the makings of the perfect lazy summer supper.

window sill seed set (perfect for us urban gardeners!) complete with basil, lavendar, and parsley seeds - to add the finishing touches to your cookin'.

summer iced tea set. just imagine those cool, ceramic tumblers, clinking with ice cubes, on a thick summer night.

some sweet summer bud vases would make a lovely centerpiece filled with daisies.

and finally, a bowl and plate to hold your gazpacho and green salad.
i love the many shades of blue in this line - orange and yellow are great for spring, when it's just warming up, but once summer hits, there's nothing like a nice, cool blue.

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