Wednesday, September 05, 2007

a few more things, behind deadline

ooops, i still haven't gotten my posting-schedule straight...but i do want to finish up white-things-week with a bang, so here we go.

first up, the Plant Cup planter by Gitta Gschwendtner. gorgeous on its own, it would look beautiful with some spring bulbs in it - or even with a nice full coat of grass, honestly. it goes even better with a cat inside:

more photos here.

i'm also loving this reality series from Harry Allan. these fruit bowls are quite stunning, and think how beautiful a shiny red apple or bright yellow banana would look against all that white:

the reality piggy bank is a little more freaky, but i still sort of like it:

and i think that's better way to finish it up than with a lifesize piggy bank, modeled with scottish folds. right?

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