Tuesday, November 06, 2007

i am still alive

looking back at almost a year of the keen eye, i was reminded of a print that keen eye e and i loved a while back. it read "we are so good together" and really captured our attention.
alas, it's still sold out, as is every amazing print on their website, but i am still alive deserves a post of its own. we keen eyes are all about the letter press, after all.

i am still alive "is a design practice committed to authoring, shaping, and distributing honest and progressive narratives" and in this they succeed. designer dylan fareed's way with words is astonishing. i continually marvel at people who construct simple sentences with tremendous power, such as "we are so good together." this is personal reaffirmation at its most elegant and effective.

i am still alive is all about the message. to illustrate, here is a selection of their offerings. maybe by pointing to them, the keen eyes will encourage them to get back to printing. print more, damnit!
hilarious and stunning!

so true, my friends.

this was, quite possibly, printed especially for my house.

get back to work already, dylan!!!!

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