Monday, November 12, 2007

when i'm 64

sometimes i swear i'm an 85-year-old woman trapped inside a much younger person's body. especially when chilly weather rolls around and i start craving afghans, tea, shortbread, knitting needles, and rocking chairs. yes, rocking chairs.

any granny worth her salt has a nice rocker. but they don't all have to be rickety, unattractive comfort machines - there are some rockers out there worth your trouble.... check it:

this gorgeous pair of Ole Wanscher rockers - solid teak with white raw silk cushions. not priced for the weak of heart, but absolutely stunning.

this perfect condition 50s/60s danish modern rocker made in denmark by selig is angled but sleek and would look perfect in that empty corner right over there - you know, the one right next to the radiator where you can sit all day, crocheting doilies.

alright, i'm aware this could be a deal breaker - but really, the frame of this chair is absolutely gorgeous. imagine it recovered in a nice, modern fabric from reprodepot or purl and covered with a handmade patchwork lap quilt. oh be still my KNOW you want it.

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bls said...

goodness, you have 'spensive taste!