Friday, January 25, 2008

Felt Friday: (Part 2) Random Roundup!

as always, etsy never disappoints! below are a few of the best felt products we found out there.

Yorktown Road: working out of northern california, this seller makes modern accessories for the home. the products are simple and charming and always pleasing to the eye (did we mention that the photography is superb?!).

this mini-runner would be great on a bookshelf or credenza : and these coasters (backed in repurposed leather) would provide a great pop of color to any room:
Papaver Vert: another west coaster! founder and artist patty benson knew from a young age (like 6!) that she wanted to create and to share her creations with the world. each piece is hand made from scratch using the old world and labor-intensive craftsmanship of hand felting wool from its semi-raw form. They are made from the softest of 100% merino wool, which makes them not only luxuriously soft but a renewable and eco-friendly material.

this plant holder would be perfect as a catch-all for your knick-knacks or for holding a leeeettle 3" potted plant: this pencil cup is 100% wool and has strips of black leather laced through grommets to create sections for your pencils and pens:

and these 2-square pillows are hand felted from 100% dyed Merino wool and feature a large filled square in the front and a smaller one on the back. they have a leather strip closure that can be tied in different ways: and finally that brings us to 0049. 0049 is svenja and anika, two germans working in australia with shared interests in fashion, graphic design and marketing. the business name is derived from the german international dialing code (+49) and is something unique to our “heimat” (home country) - kinda like their products!

this felt notebook cover is made with 100% wool and comes with a lined A5 notebook and an elastic to keep hold of all your treasures you carry around: these felt storage boxes are perfect for keeping your little treasures in place: and finally, these little cases can be used as a sunglasses case or a pencil pack! cute!

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Patty said...

Hi Guys!
Thanks so much for featuring my felted goodness. It's an honor to be amongst these other talented wool-loving designers!