Thursday, January 24, 2008

Felt Thursday: (Part 1) Working Class Heroes

there are so many great artists out there working with felt. it seems i can't stop stumbling over them. so, thursday's gonna have to be a two part-er.

first up, working class heroes.
inspired by the era when things were actually made with attention to detail, working class heroes create high quality products from the best materials in their studio in vienna. one look at their felt and leather creations says it all.

this laptop wallet is made from 3mm grey german felt and finished with cotton herringbone. sleek!
this mousepad is sturdy and simple and looks great: and how about the ipod cases? love 'em. finally, who couldn't use a waterproof case for their moleskine? they all look so touchable!

you can find more about working class heroes at their website and get the goods on etsy.

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