Sunday, February 03, 2008

day bed, any one?

i hate my sofa. as a bona fide homebody, i sit on it a lot, surrounded by manuscripts, periodicals, and all the rest of my daily ephemera, and it's just plain uncomfortable. and man, that's a bummer.

sofas are big purchases, and this one was my first adult purchase, a mere 5 years ago. i had it repaired once-not even 2 years ago-to address the terribly uneven wearing and sagging, but the problem has only worsened since then.

so lately i've had couches on my mind. with a relocation in this keen eye's near future, i can see the day i invest in a new sofa. this is great for a few reasons: my current sofa is not just unsupportive, it has ceased to fit well with my aesthetic; i won't have to take it with me when i move, nor feel bad about leaving it behind; i can spend a lot of time choosing my new perch!

i'm currently obsessed with the ubiquitous mid-century day bed, which comes in a range of prices, conditions, and configurations, as seen below.
the benchmark: the case study daybed designed to furnish the houses in the case study project, sponsored by john entenza. this original 1950s design is now manufactured by modernica.

i really like this contemporary design from design within reach, the twilight sleep sofa, designed by fleming busk. i do think, though, that it is better suited to a home office/spare room

then there is this daybed, which frequently appears on ebay with various upholsteries. this one isn't the most glorious, but the low price is right. i'd love to have one to reupholster.

and if vintage isn't your thing, then check our urban outfitters for this newly made version. i don't think it's quite as lovely, but it would do in a pinch!


TPOD said...

I'd be concerned that the foam in the low priced UO sofa would break down too quickly - but it does look nice.

I'm lusting over the case study daybed and I wonder if anyone knows how comfortable it is? I'd be using it for sleeping (guests) and lots of lounging. For the price, I'd hope it would be durable and comfy.

Player Piano Party said...

cooooooooome baaaaaaaack!