Tuesday, February 13, 2007

compact desk

the last time the keen eyes were both in the same latitude and longitude, one stop of many together was the moma store in soho to peruse the MUJI goods. "MUJI," derived
from the Japanese phrase "mujirushi ryohin," means "no brand goods," and as such, the company embraces a philosophy that emphasizes innovative and simple materials, processes, and packaging, not to mention a no-logo policy. what a refreshing, wonderful idea in a day and age where it's seemingly impossible to get away from advertising and product placement. while keen eye b stocked up on sleek office supplies and agenda refills, keen eye e was completely taken by the muji stuffed dog.

in any case, australian company, compact desk recently caught our eye for similar reasons. started by a group of designers, compact desk strives to create hand finished products that bring order, organisation and ultimately "stylish simplicity" to the desktop and personal space. like MUJI, cd's products are functional, minimal, and inherently beautiful without relying on flashy bells and whistles, big brand names, and loud colors. the keen eyes approve.

these spectacle cases, crafted out of pure wool felt, are gorgeous:
this business card holder is sleek and aluminum, and comes with cute little alphabet tabs to keep things neat and orderly:

and this desk drawer organizer is more beautiful than my cubicle deserves:
"we aspire to create items worthy of the natural energy and resources needed to make them."

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