Thursday, February 15, 2007


a post on AT:Chicago got us thinking about quilts. we keen eyes love quilts and, in fact, schlepped all the way to bridgeport ct last year to learn from the quilting goddess, denyse schmidt. what better time to talk quilts and quilting than in this week of winter storms.

the keen eyes think quilts have seen a resurgence in popularity lately for a few reasons: the remarkable discovery of the gee's bend quilts and their showing all across the country; a renewed interest in handicraft; and a modernization in quilt designs which appeals to those of us with a more clean, modern aesthetic. we keen eyes would love to spend our days visiting fabric stores, selecting patterns and thread, piecing and quilting. but since we're a little short on physical space, we'll show you a sampling of some of our faves.

my favorite denyse schmidt designs are those she has named after nineteenth century new england mills in the wool and cotton collection. these quilts feature small details of piece work in a field of larger fabric pieces. i'm not sure i can pick a fave from this collection as they are all stunning. check out the boott for example. this pink is enough to make anyone flush with warmth.
denyse also has a line manufactured in india - a country with it's own amazing textile culture. these denyse schmidt designs for sarita handa are striking in their exuberance. i love this version of big dreams: another quilting technique that appeals to the keen eyes' modern aesthetic is hawaiian quilting. the pattering is of single large, abstracted forms typically executed in one or two solid fabrics. the motifs usually evoke the native hawaiian flora and are simply beautiful. keen eye e would love this one with its red and white motif.

the simplicity in color choices and abstracted floral motif are very characteristic of hawaiian quilts. i am particularly fond of the black and white work as seen in this detail.

and finally here is a sampling of the gorgeously colorful quilts offered by anthropologie, including the one that started this line of thinking - the bella - featured on at:chicago.

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