Sunday, February 25, 2007


my beautiful jade plant is suffering from some malady that is turning its leaves rubbery and yellow, and as such i'm frustrated with all things gardening right now. so instead of talking about a plant per se today, i'm going to talk about plant accessories. i'm in dire need of some new pots around this place and come spring time i'm going to be doing some major repotting. but i need provisions, supplies, preparations, and the local hardware store and lowes aren't doing me any favors, so here are a few of my favorite pots and other containers from around the interweb:

these aged english planters from GRDN are lovely. handcrafted in
terra cotta, the pots have undergone an aging process in the greenhouse. also fun: the moss is real, and will continue to grow once you begin watering your plant, forming a lush green surface over the pot. maybe not ideal for my window garden, but how beautiful in a rambling old yard [wish i had one].

these stainless steel planters from lekker home are sleek and suitable for inside or out. it would be helpful to know whether they have drainage holes in the bottom though - i always have a tendency to overwater (leading to my general preference for clay pots).

these teak planters from smith & hawken are classic and lined with watertight aluminum to keep them from ruining your furniture. they are designed for indoor or outdoor use, but remember to clean regularly with teak oil to prevent graying if you do put them outside.

this aluminum double planter from achela designs makes me so happy. obviously very impractical for someone like me who lives in an apartment and could only dream of having a tree from which to hang it, it's still super cute. it holds two 6" pots, and check it - it's on sale for $9.99. how can you resist?

sprout home has tons of cute, indoor containers. i love these sleek white gloss midori planters. they come in 3 sizes, 5.5", 8", or 12.25" in diameter. they'd look great on a table top with a little collection of succulents in them.

i'm also loving this white ceramic rectangle planter. what is it about white and green together that looks so wonderful?

i've mentioned these before, but i can't overstate my love for all things perch design - and there's no exception for their wonderful plant orb. 8" in diameter, the white ceramic pot comes with 28" long woven sisal cord, with an adjustable loop at the top. one day, one day it will be mine! and i will fill it with hens and chicks.

and finally, don't forget the obligatory gnomes for your garden inside or out!

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