Tuesday, February 27, 2007


i was thinking about this isaac mizrahi bedding yesterday after seeing it featured on happy mundane and at, among other places. honestly, i've never been that crazy about mizrahi's products, whether they be his clothes or his home accessories, and that includes this bedding. i think the butterflies are kind of tacky, i think there's too much white space, and i guess what it comes down to is that i don't really like the design or the colors, and i certainly could not imagine it in my apartment (i do, however, really enjoy those mossy green polka dots).

enter this dwell bedding i came across today on design public:

now, i feel like this bedding is trying to accomplish the same thing as mizrahi, only it succeeds immensely - the use of white space is perfect (not blotchy), the birds and flowers are calming, the colors are subtle but still bright, and oh, those brown pinstripes. gorgeous!

and just as an aside, how about that poster on the wall above the bed? love it.

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