Friday, March 02, 2007


this keen eye has a real thing for text. fonts, lead type, textual images -you name it, i love it. as long as it's got letters and numbers, i'm smitten. as such, i find myself drawn to textual art and thought i would highlight a few pieces here.

i found this one on etsy just the other day! it's by canadian printer magaret rankin, and i think it's pretty fabulous. i've never heard the saying before, and don't know if it's her own, or an old saying. either way it's great: the colors are rich, the font is perfectly suited to the vessel shape, and i love the way the text is linear, but not overly so. nice work, margaret.

the following two are probably pretty familiar to all of us from recent appearances in living etc. and domino, but worth posting nonetheless.

for like ever was designed in 2004 by tracy jenkins, one of the founders of the village type collective. i think this font and the accompanying candyfloss cloud on which the text sits is so exuberant and joyful. the phrase itself is so youthful and sweet. and of course it's printed in red on pink, making it just the perfect love letter, as the members of village intended it. i can't wait to have this on my wall.

keep calm and carry on is so quintessentially british - i love it! the sans serif font in small and large caps topped by the crown - it conveys such a strong and firm message of endurance and fortitude. originally printed to guide the brits through the blitz, it can be relevant to many situations still today. even the colors are convey royalty! you can find the keep calm poster here, in emerald, burgundy and navy.

and finally, this little treasure from the drama store - i hold grudges by dustin hostetler. the colors and font convey such ire and fury and that hand is so vengeful.

these textual images convey such power in such and economical way - words and color, sometimes accentuated with just the smallest of image. language holds so much potential and these artists all captured that in beautiful ways.

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ecm said...

nice find on thedrama! i just have to add my appreciation for the "we are so good together" print from i am still alive. sadly i think it's all sold out, so you may have to settle for these "mine is yours" cards - also good.