Tuesday, May 22, 2007


i love the idea behind this semi-new (launched in march of 2007), self-described superboutique, Bouf. an online venue where users can buy and sell limited edition, custom-made, highly unique products, the selection ranges from fashion, food and furniture to gadgets, footwear and gifts. all of the products have been curated and are usually made in small quantities, so you're sure to be getting something really unique. it's like etsy, only less crafty.

ContemPlates Dinner Plates: the designers collected images of anonymous figures on various beaches though out the year, then printed them on plates with the date, time, and beach when the figures were captured. neat!

i LOVE these sunday morning chairs by ryan frank. when i have that remodeled farmhouse in the country, these will sit on my back porch. i'm feeling all dreamy-like now.

these champagne glasses crack me up. designed to evenly share a bottle between 6 people, i probably wouldn't often have a need for them (i like to keep my champagne to myself), but i think they'd be worth it even if you used them just once!

this coat and accessory rack is also kind of neat, made from bio-resin and cotton rope.

here's the link again for more browsing!

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