Thursday, May 24, 2007


this morning, after a nice stroll through central park, i found myself avoiding going back to work by eating soft boiled organic eggs and toast at le pain quotidien. they were seriously delicious, but of course now, i'm obsessed. with the eggs, yes, but also with the egg holders. not that the ones at pain were all that great - just your standard sterling silver - but i now i must have some! sweet, simple, and a perfect little extravagance at the breakfast table. plus, it's just so much fun cracking the top off the egg and eating it with a spoon.

i predict my cholesteral levels are going to skyrocket.

anyway, here are a few i found around the interwebs:

first up, over at ebay, is this elegant double egg holder in white porcelain:
next we have this cute little tulip shaped set made in japan: and this one is just perfect, although the description is cracking me up (i think they mean 'sweet' instead of 'sweat'). these slim holders are quite sexy (for egg cups, i mean). this eames-era set of six made in denmark is just stunning: and of course, etsy never lets us down either.
check out these bright red egg cups (with candles!):
and this one out of distressed wood by the same seller is equally as nice:
can you believe i wrote an entire post about egg cups?

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