Monday, May 14, 2007

nadia sparham

Nadia Sparham is a London-based artist, whose designs are either digitally or hand screen-printed, appliquéd and embroidered onto silks, wools and cottons. all of her products are handmade, save the ceramics which are carefully outsourced. her designs and aesthetic harken back to an innocent childhood time - a bit homemade, a bit modern, a bit playful. she's got a couple of mugs and plates (and a vase) that i'd love to own. look:

dandelion clock espresso cup and saucerthis dandelion clock espresso cup and saucer will be perfect when i get my bialetti.

spotty leaf and this spotty leaf giant mug and saucer will work for my tea.
spot flower platethis spot flower plate is very cute...
top of the hill manbut not as cute as top of the hill man!

nadia also makes cushions, does upholstery, designs fabric and stationary, paints murals, and crafts wall hangings. check these out:

oh, and just for fun:

that last one reminds me of this photo we took at baxter & liebchen many months ago!

you can browse more of nadia's work over at her website.

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