Tuesday, May 15, 2007

things that matter

i just finished reading this feature, things that matter, over at the metropolis magazine website (anyone have a subscription to this? should i invest?), and wanted to share it with you. the writers asked 30 designers a simple question: “What’s your favorite everyday object?” and put together a slideshow of all their answers. the criteria for the products were simple: the product could be anonymously designed or a pedigreed icon (just as long as it wasn’t their own), but it needed to be useful, beautiful, easy to use, environmentally responsible or technologically innovative.

the results are really fun to read through, with items ranging from a Ford 150 to a spaghetti spoon; it's always fun to get a glimpse of how other people live...not to mention that beautifully-designed, highly-functional objects are some of the only splurges i can make at the moment. take a look-see here.

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