Wednesday, June 06, 2007

you light up my life

i'm in the process of redoing the exterior finish on my old house and as a result i'm thinking alot about the little details that give a house that je ne sais curb, like exterior light fixtures and window boxes.

i'll give you a little peak at the fixtures that have captured my attention. i have a bit of a hook-up at lowe's (or as we like to affectionately refer to it - slowe's. hi mamma keen eye!) so i'm limiting my selection to what they have to offer; surprisingly, they've got a few great, industrial-looking fixtures that hit my hot button. these are for wall mounting; i'm still searching for a porch fixture.

ta da!
i'm pretty fond of this utilitarian look, although i'm not sure it will be my final choice. i bet the mercury vapor bulb casts a lovely glow:

i think i like this wall-mount lantern, but its little hat seems to be just slightly out of proportion. i need to see it in person:
this one would be totally appropriate for the era of my house, but i'm not sure i like the historic replica-look:

as for the one that's captured my heart, i think this is the one. of course it's the spendiest! it's got that perfect blend of industrial-ship yard-salvaged feel, and seems to be just the right scale for my little house.

next time we'll look at window boxes and porch lights!

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