Sunday, September 23, 2007

annie fitt

it's no secret that the keen eyes love prints. we love linoleum block prints, letterpress prints, etchings and monotypes. if it's ink on paper, we like it. so, while perusing etsy the other day, i discovered annie fitt and i'm smitten. not only does her work focus on animals but she lives just across the river from the keen eye b parents - imagine that!

fitt describes her work as very low tech - using no other electricity but that produced by her own body. she seems to focus on portraiture and specifically animal subjects. keen eye e loved the nydam press print of the italian greyhound and she's sure to love annie fitt's greyhound (or maybe whippet) portraits. this particular portrait is called sweetgrey and is tiny - only 3"x2" on 5"x4" paper.

the paper is another fantastic aspect of fitt's art. she uses only llama li bright paper - sales of the paper benefit the paper making cooperatives in rural nepal which produce it.

here are a few more fitt's prints i love, but be sure to check out her etsy shop!

i think stripey cat (also tiny) looks like little d of president street, brooklyn!

i absolutely love this one, called blueberry wine!

please check out annie fitt's etsy shop. you won't be sorry. maybe someday you'll see a portrait of the keen eye canine!

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