Friday, October 12, 2007

schleeh designs

holy cow, have i found the most gorgeous desk accessories at my local paper boutique, rock paper scissors.

schleeh designs is colin schleeh and rachael schwartz who design everything from jewelry to vessels to desk accessories. as an obsessive for all things to feather the desk, i am most drawn to their desktop line of wood veneer and galvanized steel note pads and frames.
this is the schleeh designs notepad i saw at rock paper scissors. the steel panel slides along the block of note pages so that you can tear the sheet at any point, and the wood veneer is curved just so to cradle your pen. genius!!!!

i also saw these frames and think they are just genius - they're not really frames as much as easels! stick the image to the frame with a peg mighties magnet by three by three and you're stuck!

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