Friday, November 02, 2007

another shade of gray

ah, a relaxing weekend spent on old stomping grounds. good food, good talks, wonderful friends, sweet pups. it's all very inspiring, i have to admit.

anyway, while browsing the web with the better half of the keen eyes, we stumbled across a great new (to us) blog: another shade of grey.

this girl, we swear, is equipped with an etsy-sense like no other! she makes it look easy - all that browsing and searching and viewing - and somehow posts the best finds on etsy we've ever seen. from jewelry to pottery to prints and paper, she's really got the nose.

i mean, these caramel swirl earrings (or these lucite ones)? this zipper pouch? the whole thing is a joy to browse. and the girl's even got her own etsy shop! we're impressed!

1 comment:

Player Piano Party said...

Loving that blog! You guys should also check out More Ways to Waste Time:

I can't navigate Etsy on my own, either, so it's delightful when other people manage to claw up the good stuff.