Tuesday, November 20, 2007

sconce ponce

the last issue of domino had a whole spread about matching your mirrors with your sconces. to which i said, phooey. i didn't like a single mirror or sconce they proposed, and chalked it up to the fact that maybe i'm just not a sconcey-girl. i mean, think of the time and effort (and trouble) they take to install (all that wiring?!) - and if not, then you've just got a cord hanging down...and who wants to deal with that?

but then last night i was over at Velocity Art & Design (fun browsing) and came across a few good sconces that just about changed my mind.

these meridian sconces are totally pretty, and customizable:
and how about the rex sconce? pretty, square, and covered in linen!
i even kinda like the legna wall sconce, and think it could look fab in the right foyer or mudroom. plus, it requires the use of CFLs, and that can only be a good habit to encourage. and, while we're talking wood and rustic, might as well toss in jason miller's antler sconce, which admittedly looks great - but that cord! see what i mean?

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