Monday, November 19, 2007

under pressure

in 1933, Alfred Bialetti created the Moka Express. in 2007, i decided i need to own one.

hence this post.

in italy, the moka express is an iconic design - you'll find one in nearly every home and even tucked away in modern industrial art museums.

functionally, they work very similar to a percolator but with one very important difference. in a percolator, the boiling water is forced up the tube, and esentially drips out over the coffee chamber. the water then seeps through the coffee grounds and leaves the coffee chamber through the bottom, dropping back into the lower half of the pot.

in a moka express, the water boils in the bottom chamber and is forced up through the coffee powder and into the upper chamber. it's the pressure that makes alllll the difference and results in a much stronger brew when compared to the drip method.

that being said, let's look at a few of these contraptions, shall we?

first up: the moka express - classic in design and so affordable (and the one i chose to purchase).
next we have this chic, sleek, simple (but pricey!) design by wmf kult:
and finally, we have the villaware stainless steel espresso maker - bulbous and cute:

i thought i might as well check ebay, too, just to see if there were any vintage espresso pots out there. of course i was not disappointed.

this vintage pot is totally cute, and even though the auction won't let me post the pictures, it's still worth a look.

i can't tell if this one is vintage or not, but it has a great 50's-modern vibe.
and finally, don't forget to pick up some coffee from your favorite local roaster!

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amodernguy said...

The Moka Express is by far the best choice here if your aim is to make superb espresso and it holds up to daily use.

The Kult wins hands down on design though. Not nearly as clunky as Bialetti's Moka Express.

So choice depends on if you are going to drink espresso or decorate your kitchen.

I ended up with both!