Thursday, March 15, 2007

print shop

lots of talk about old or vintage-style prints happening...decor8 gave us the lowdown on the botanical print we were wondering about, and everyone's always chatting about the great finds to be had at etsy. i wanted to throw in an oldie-but-goodie found right here in nyc: the old print shop.

i found them while doing some kind of crazy-exhaustive search for french vineyard maps (which, ultimately was unsuccessful i might add), and i've been addicted ever since.

founded in 1898, the old print shop specializes in American art from 1750 to 1950, antique maps 1500 to 1900, photography, american and european art reference books, and artist's books. their online search function is nothing short of amazing, but i can imagine it doesn't hold a candle to actually going to the shop...something to add to my rainy-weekend list. granted, a lot of these prints are WAY out of my price range, but to be fair, there are plenty that are totally reasonable.

this print of geranium pinnatum by h. andrews is only $90, but absolutely great:

these figs by george brookshaw are, dare i say it, quite sexy:
georgium knorr's clove carnations are beautiful - love the hint of orange-red.
oh, this wild yam print by charles millspaugh is f-ing gorgeous...i might have to buy this myself..especially for only $60[!!].
and finally, how about this angelica sativa print by johann weinmann? $350, but worth it!

happy browsing!

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